Iconic Places to Eat on Oahu

We hope you have the opportunity to try some of our favorite places!

When out and about on the island, don't forget to bring along all your essentials to help reduce your plastic use. You can find on-the-go reusable items here:

1. Waiahole Poi Factory

Best place to get a great traditional Hawaiian plate lunch! Plus, DO NOT forget dessert here. The "Sweet Lady" is a bowl of warm kulolo (dessert made from taro) topped with haupia (coconut) ice cream.
 Waiahole poi factory

2. Rainbows Drive-Inn

Another great place for local plate lunches! Try their Loco Moco, rice topped with a burger and covered in gravy and a fried egg, you will not be disappointed. 


Rainbows Drive in 

3. Dukes Waikiki

The best place to be during a Hawaiian sunset! This place is crowded for a reason so make sure to get in line early or book a dinner reservation. Our favorite dinner entree on the menu has to be the mac nut herb crusted fresh fish. Best bar menu appetizer are hands down the nachos. Wash everything down with the most iconic Dukes drink, a top shelf Mai Tai. Lastly, try the Hula Pie for dessert, be warned this thing is huge. 
Dukes Waikiki

4. Liliha Bakery 

A delicious unique local treat! Coco Puffs like you've never had before. With many options to choose from make sure to grab the iconic coco puffs which are chocolate filled and have their well known Chantilly topping. Grab a box or two at the end of your day and enjoy.


Liliha Bakery Coco Puffs

5. Giovannis Shrimp Truck

Don't miss this one! It'll pass you by really quick while on your island tour. Located in Haleiwa and Kahuku in a big white truck names Giovannis! Pull over and grab yourself a garlic and butter covered plate of shrimp with rice. These plates are known for their rich flavor.


Giovannis Shrimp Truck

 6. Matsumoto's Shave Ice

One of many shave ice spots on the island. Don't get us wrong, ANY of the island options are amazing and if you can't make it to Matsumoto's, or the line is too long, don't let that stop you from trying some refreshing shave ice! This just happens to top our list. Choose from a large variety of fruity flavors including local options like li hing or lilikoi. Top it off with condensed milk and mochi. Do not forget to ask for vanilla ice cream on this inside (this is the best part).


Matsumotos Shave Ice

7. Leonards

Another must try dessert/treat, Malasadas! Best eaten warm right out of the fryer so make sure you still have room before ordering these. With a variety to choose from we still love the basic sugar coated no fill option best. The li hing coated offers a local flavor type and try out some of their cream or jelly filled options as well. The great thing is you can mix and match however you like.
Leonards Bakery Website

8. Zippys

Need a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner? Next Stop, Zippys. With a large array of local favorites from their variety "zip pacs" filled bento style to their famous chili bowls, you can't go wrong with anything on this menu. It's filled with the most iconic dishes you can find on the islands. Open early mornings and late nights this is a great option any time of the day.


    zips chili rice bowl         Zippys Zip Pac MEal