Sustainable Items you can get on Amazon

As we watch sustainable living grow in popularity, we hope to see more sustainable home shops around our towns and neighborhoods.

***Live in Hawaii? See our list of sustainable refill shops here to purchase these items locally.

But as we wait for more resources to shop local and in person, we know a lot of us have access to Amazon. So here is our list of easy products to purchase on Amazon that will arrive quickly and help make your home better for the environment. Remember to opt in for combining shipping on orders and using the manufacturers packaging to reduce Amazon shipping waste. 

1. Natural Loofah

If you haven't switched from a cheap plastic loofah to a natural one yet, you need to! Besides being one of the easiest switches from plastic to natrual, these loofahs are amazing. Did you know they grow on trees? Loofah plants are dried and then cut to offer you a truly natural organic product. Not only are they safer on the environment, they exfoliate your body so well! No more scrubs needed here!

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Natural Loofah


2. Compostable Disposable Razors ( or shop the best sustainable option here )

I know it sounds unsustainable. There are times when these come in handy. Especially if you still haven't made the switch to the Leaf Razor (shop here) or something similar, this is a good alternative when you need a quick fix. These are made from wheat straw and are compostable! Lastly, they work just as good as a traditional Gillette Razors, so at least have your men switch for the planet!

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Compostable Razors

3. Natural Dish Sponges

Made from Wood Cellulose and Coconut Fibers, these sponges are another easy switch from your usual plastic scrubbers in the sink. The Natural fibers work just as great to scrub tough surfaces without scratching them, and they don't hold odors like your plastic sponges do. Natural sponge touching all your clean dishes? Sounds better to us!

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Natural Dish Sponges