How to be Sustainable On-The-Go

Sustainable supplies for on the go

Sustainability crosses so many different sections of our lives. A lot of times you'll hear many focus on sustainability in your home, but what about when you're not at home? Choosing to remain as sustainable as possible while out and about or on a vacation can become overwhelming. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay on track. 

Always remember something is better than nothing when it comes to sustainability. Each little action counts so don't dwell if you make a mistake, just vow to do the best you can with what you have in front of you.



Reusable Water Bottles

Only the single most important thing you can own. We swear by Yeti bottles but, there are so many amazing reusable bottle companies out there. Find the right size for either your daily life, outdoor adventures, or vacationing. We find the best size for day to day and travel is a 16 oz bottle from Yeti. Not too heavy, fits inside most bags and backpacks easily and still carries enough water if you're in areas where you can refill. An added plus to owning a water bottle that you carry around everywhere is you most likely will remember to drink more water on an everyday basis. We all know we need to stay hydrated.

Reusable Set of Utencils

Portable Set of Utencils

These come in handy in so many situations. You never know when you're in need of a fork, knife, spoon or straw when out buying snacks and food. Especially when on an adventure or heading to the office, its nice to pack your own set. For one, plastic is the worst for the planet, and two, we find its just more sanitary to carry your own clean set for your own personal use. Buying a few extra glass, metal or bamboo straws for your home doesn't hurt either. Denying to ask for to-go utensils when ordering in or out is always a small step towards sustainability. Get your utensil set here.

Bee's Wrap, reusable storage covers for foodStasher Bags, reusable food storage bags

Reusable Containers and Food Wraps

We know most places serve their to go food in foam or plastic containers. Luckily a lot of different food distributors have chosen to start using containers made from recycled materials. Its one step closer. When taking care of your own food to go from home there are plenty of reusable options to choose from. Stasher bags is probably one of the most popular, reusable baggies instead of opting for single use ziplock options. Another option is switching your plastic wrap to Bee's Wrap paper wraps. 

Reusable Bags/Totes

I think most of us know this one since we tend to stock up on these even when we're not trying to. From fundraisers to events these are handed out constantly. Never underestimate the power of reusable totes and bags. This is such an easy on the go swap. Keep them in your car and in your purses or beach bags so you'll never forget. No one likes walking out of the grocery store having spent an extra 10 cents on plastic that will also live on forever in this world. Bags are useful for all types of shopping so don't get rid of them! Shop our 100% upcycled totes!


We hope you consider adding some of these to your on-the-go routine. Having these little items on hand helps you help the planet more often.