Other Sustainable Brands We Love

Sustainability isn't achieved by one person or one brand for that matter. We are all in this together. Here is a curated list of brands we choose to support in our daily wardrobes to maintain our ethics and goals for our planet.


The one and only - LEVI's 
Whether it's vintage or brand new Levi's is one of the most recognizable brands for denim in the world. And they have maintained their transparency through it all. Besides using sustainable cotton farming and recycling old denim, they have begun a new step through their new water < less campaigns and their new WELLTHREAD fiber initiatives.
Learn More and Shop Here :      Levi.com
Levis Campaign Instagram Image - Denim Sustainable
Boyish Jeans 
A recent addition to the sustainable brands online. This company offers full transparency into their manufacturing processes and keeps you up to date with their water use, waste kept from landfills, and trees planted. 
Learn More and Shop Here :      Boyish.com
 Boyish Jeans Instagram Image - Sustainable Denim
Vitamin A Swim
They believe style and sustainability are inseparable. They design their collections using recycled and plant-based materials. A portion of each purchase goes towards organizations working to save our oceans.
Learn More and Shop Here :      vitaminaswim.com
Vitamin A Instagram Image - Sustainable Swim
Sustainably and ethically made activewear. With this section of the industry being mostly made of synthetic fabrics due to the nature of activewear and its needs, Girlfriend uses recycled fibers throughout their manufacturing processes. They strive to be transparent within their business is showing us all exactly what steps they take to make this all happen.
Learn More and Shop Here :      https://www.girlfriend.com
 Girlfriend Collective Instagram Image - Sustainable Activewear


Its all about hemp. Yes, you heard that right. A sustainable fiber and a form of activism throughout their platform. They believe that hemp is the future and we agree. Finding alternative fibers and resources to help the fashion industry thrive in the right direction.

Learn More and Shop Here :      https://jungmaven.com

Jungmaven Instagram Image - Hemp Clothing

Raw Collective

RAW Collective is a movement fighting to Raise Awareness Worldwide. Founder Lyanne strived to provide a space for women to support ethical shopping without sacrificing style and confidence. They believe in fair trade and equality for all mankind. Bringing a sustainable future to the forefront of their mission.

Learn More and Shop Here:      https://shoprawcollective.com

Raw Collective Instagram Image - Sustainable Women's Brand