How to reduce Micro Plastics while Laundering

guppy friend bag in laundry basket

Meet one solution. Guppyfriend.

The Guppyfriend laundry bag allows us to see and collect the micro plastic waste that is released from synthetic fibers when washing our clothing.


What are Synthetic Fibers?

Synthetic Fibers are fibers made from raw materials, based on chemicals and petrochemicals. These fibers are spun and used in industries from clothing to furniture and much more. Examples include, rayon, polyester, acrylic, nylon, spandex, and more.

Guppyfriend Bag Instructions


Lots of clothing is made from synthetic materials, and buying preowned or vintage can help, especially when kept for a long period of time. But this doesn't solve the problem of releasing micro plastic waste into our waters from washing.

The Guppyfriend bag allows you to separate your synthetic clothing and capture the waste. The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is made entirely of polyamide 6.6. The material is untreated, undyed and contains no additives. This fabrication allows the bag itself to not shed.

This is a small and simple step that everyone can take to help reduce our micro plastic waste. It also serves as a great way to divide clothing while washing.

Our best example being, gym clothing, usually made of 100% synthetic materials due to the functionality. Separate your gym clothing into the Guppyfriend laundry bag, wash with your other clothing as usual. Pull out the Guppyfriend bag and line dry or lay flat to dry the bag itself and the gym clothing.

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