Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

Washing Machines

First, A few things to think about.

Dryers use A LOT of energy.

Washers use A LOT of water + MORE energy when using hot water.

Fibers (Micro-plastics) make their way into our water streams and our oceans.

So, the question is what can we do about it?

Closepins for hang drying clothing

Here are some helpful tips to becoming more eco-friendly during your laundering processes.

-Skip the dryer entirely. Opt to line dry or lay flat depending on the material.

-If using the dryer switch from single use dryer sheets to long lasting wool dryer balls (link below)

-Hand wash when possible. When using a washing machine wash with cold water only.

-Upgrade to an energy-efficient washer and dryer.

-Use all natural laundry detergents.


Online resources for sustainable laundry supplies:

Protea Zero Waste - Dryer Balls

Mrs. Meyer's - Laundry Detergent (Also available at Walmart)


You can start slow by implementing some of the above ideas for sustainable washing processes. Let us know how you are choosing to support the environment by switching how you wash your clothing!

Clothing drying on a line