Q&A with Lauren Waskewicz Be You Be Wholesome

Lauren Waskewicz is a Holistic Nutritionist who helps individuals understand their bodies and make choices that allow them to thrive and live their best life. She has developed the tools and provides the necessary support to teach her clients how to nourish their bodies to feel their best. She believes in healing her clients with whole foods, along with herbal supplements.

Q:  What brought you into health and wellness?

A: I have been passionate about health and wellness since high school. For several years I struggled with body dysmorphia and other personal health issues (eating disorder). These difficult times made me want to better understand why I am experiencing this and how can I fix it.  Therefore, I went back to school to study the science of how food and the body work together and received my Masters in Holistic Nutrition.
While studying holistic nutrition, I found the Health & Wellness industry lacking in individual & customizable meal plans. Diet is not a one size fits all approach and I knew there are thousands of individuals struggling with similar issues that I could potentially help. I want what is best for my clients, but I also don’t believe you need to be forced into a restricted diet regimen. Living a life that is balanced and incorporates healthy lifestyle habits is my goal when working with people.

Q:  What is your philosophy when it comes to food and health?

A: I believe we should always strive for progress but not perfection. Health and wellness should be measured by happiness, positive relationships with food, and ultimately how we feel on the inside. I do not believe in deprivation but finding what is best for YOU and working on it everyday. Once you achieve an obtainable goal, start working on another. We should never stop working on ourselves. 

Q: What are your daily habits that you promote to your clients?

A: Wake up every day appreciating your self-worth and being confident that you deserve the life you want to live. Oh and of course warm lemon water first thing in the morning and meal prepping. 😊

Q: What are your thoughts on body positivity?

A: Self-love is something we should all be practicing daily. We all have things we wish we could change about ourselves and the grass is always greener on the other side, that is just life. Personal growth and obtaining goals whether its self esteem, becoming stronger by working out more, long distance running, meal prepping etc. is great.
The problem I have is its ok if you want to change something about yourself or better yourself, as long as you still love yourself. People must do what is right for them, that is why I love the saying “You do You”. Your happiness is stemmed from what you want out of life, not what others think you should be doing. There is nothing wrong with someone wanting to lose weight, gain weight, dye his or her hair etc. Just as long as you don’t lose site of what really matters.

Q: Where can we get some of your recipes?

A: I have three cookbooks full of delicious and nourishing recipes. You can find my cookbooks on my website.
You can find out more about Lauren and Be You Be Wholesome at: https://www.beyoubewholesome.com Follow her on instagram for daily nutritional tips @beyoubewholesome