Handmade Glass Gem Straw with Bamboo Case + Cleaner

Handmade Glass Gem Straw with Bamboo Case + Cleaner

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The perfect straw to help you save the turtles + the planet, while having a beautiful and reliable way to enjoy your drinks.

Locally made by hand in Hawai'i this straw is a reusable gem. Glass straws are popular for their sustainability factor, allowing you to continuously reuse time and time again. The glass allows you to see through your straw ensuring the cleanest option for reuse. Even easier to carry around for daily use this straw comes with it's own case made from bamboo and a cleaner.

Always wash straws before use. Simple use warm water + eco-friendly dish soap with your cleaner to scrub away any residue left from your prior uses. Allow straw to completely air dry on a flat surface before placing back into your case. 

Thank you for choosing to support sustainability!